IT: The Basics ft. Gift Egwuenu

This is one of those episodes that you have to absolutely listen to. This episode is the 2nd episode in our Tech Series. If you missed the first episode The Origins, check out the episode and blogpost. Aisha and Ejiro were joined by Gift Egwuenu. as a guest on this episode of IT basics

They started the episode introducing and learning more about the guest host with all the sauce. Gift wears a lot of hats. As a front end engineer Gift is passionate about a more inclusive Tech Ecosystem especially in Nigeria. Whether it’s through her work with Vue Vixens or as a conference and meetup  organiser, amongst other things. When she is not fighting the good inclusivity fight, she blogs, vlogs and speaks at major technology conferences all over the world. You can learn more about the work she does on her YouTube Channel 

Now to the 2nd half of the episode the trio had a lot of fun and sometimes a failed attempt at breaking down IT concepts to a 5year old.

Is Hardware something you can see and touch, while software is what you can see but cannot touch? Could there be a more relatable and refined way to teach a 5yr old about parts of a computer, and how to program one. What is networking and how does the internet even work? Check out the full episode to find out how they explained some of the basic IT concepts that will set a precedence for future topics in the tech series.

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Dating As An Adult

Social Media is agog with Black Love, Heartbreaks, and Open Relationships/Marriage. We promise this episode was a coincidence and wasn’t timed perfectly with the recent happenings. In this episode, Aisha & Ejiro talk about their experiences with dating and relationships as adults especially in this day and age of online dating a.k.a Tinder and Bumble.

Do you remember what it was like dating as a teenager vs dating as an adult?

Aisha & Ejiro delved into the days of MTN Xtra Cool (which was a free midnight mobile plan), which came in handy for broke teenagers trying to keep love alive while trying to survive on two-hour daily sleep time because school was still going to be there in the morning.

Ever wondered what the difference is between dating in Nigeria vs dating in Canada? Well, listen to get an insight.

Like they always say, men are scum everywhere, but is there truly a difference. 

What are some of the questions you ask on the first couple of dates to decide if there will be a next date or if it is someone you would like to go on to know more. For example are you Single or “Single Single”. Stick with us there is a difference. Sometimes, someone else could be in a relationship with your prospective boo and they might not be aware, other times it’s a lingering ex. No one wants to be a rebound right? That’s why it’s important to be clear on expectations from day one. Another honest question could be what are you looking for? (Casual, friends with benefits or maybe they are in an open relationship). Sis we don’t want you to be caught off guard.

How much of yourself do you know? Do you know what your primary love language is? Adult relationships are easier if both partners are aware of what their significant other love language is. There are 5 of them (Words of Affirmation. Physical touch, Receiving gifts, Acts of Service and Quality time). If you don’t know yet. Make sure to check out Gary Chapman’s book on The 5 love languages, and also take the test to find out here. Your gals never leave you hanging

Join Aisha and Ejiro in this fun packed episode about dating/ relationships the adult way where they touch on key issues surrounding dating and relationships as it relates to discovering yourself, seeking advice and if there is such a thing as “THE ONE

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Money Money Money …

For many, the subject of money can be very sensitive or hush-hush. On the flip side, your rogues are big advocates for sharing money goals, struggles, and successes.

In this episode, Aisha and Ejiro delved into the world of finances. Talked about unlearning money habits as it relates to Savings, Investments, tips to paying off debts, and budgeting.

when you don’t have enough money to be the person you really want to be

We’ve all made money mistakes. Whether it’s the one time that you realized that you spent $400 in one month on Uber alone or the impulse purchase you made in the name of retail therapy that you didn’t even need. This is a no-judgment zone because we too have had our share of mistakes, and that is why it is important we have this very serious conversation. Ever heard the saying that all the money in the world won’t make you happy but it’s way more comfortable to cry in a Ferrari than to cry on a motorbike. Either way, life will always throw us struggles.

The best place to start with planning your finances is knowing your Why for when things get tough. How? “If I gave you one million dollars with no taxes or worries, what will you do with the money?” If you can answer the question you would be closer to deciding what your why is and will help you in crafting your money goals, according to Clever Girl Finance. Understanding your net worth will definitely put things in perspective especially if you have some debt to pay.

How do credit cards work? What’s the secret formula for managing expenses? How do you set a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal. Where do I even begin to pay off my debt, and how do I create a balance between. These and many more are the things we discussed.

It wouldn’t be a complete episode if we didn’t give you some money saving common sense advice, because we know it be the little things that eventually build up to become mountains. Sometimes you just can’t budget your way to financial freedom and what you really need is to either get a side hustle or a new job.

Highly recommended reads and resources:

  • Article on Understanding how your credit score is calculated
  • Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi
  • The Budgenista by Tiffany Aliche
  • If you are in Canada checkout Wealth Simple for Investing and buying stocks. We also love Mylo because they round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the spare change. 
  • If you are in Nigeria, check out this article by Funmi Adewole on a Layman’s guide to buying US Stocks in Nigeria. Also Cowrywise allows you to save and also invest in mutual funds that are low risk . Also check out Money Africa for resources tailored to financial literacy in Africa

**Please note that some of the links shared are referral links. It just means we get a little something when you signup for any of the services. Thanks 😉

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This episode marks the first in the ‘Tech For Everyone’ series. We would be covering different topics in this Tech series including digital security, Networking, software e.t.c

Join us in this hilarious episode as you listen to Ejiro and Aisha, share how they started out pursuing a career in Tech. The impact many African parents have in deciding a career for their kids and if frankly speaking is a good idea for parents to choose or impose their career options on their children.

This is a tell-all episode that discusses the many challenges most computer science/IT students face in Nigerian universities, from the economic living standards, to the attitude of lecturers in the classrooms. They also shared the difference in experiences schooling in a Nigerian university vs schooling abroad.

They stay reminding everyone that there exist a plethora of career options in Tech that isn’t only restricted to software development, and many people might explore a couple of career options before deciding on which path they have a passion for. Nevertheless one of the good things is that no knowledge is wasted.

It wouldn’t be complete if as your sistas they didn’t share tips/advice to anyone who is considering or starting out in Tech.
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EP3- Weight Loss Chronicles

We all have a friend or family member who woke up one day and decided they are now a social media certified weight-loss expert and nutritionist. I know them, you have them on your timelines and we are all going crazy.

In this latest episode, Aisha and Ejiro talk about the chronicles of staying fit and healthy in this age of a myriad of information from different self-proclaimed experts. They start out sharing their weight loss goals and struggles and the things they have learned on their own individual journeys. Do you remember back in the day, when being big meant you were rich and doing well? now having an hourglass Kim K’s type of body is the new “beauty standard”. They also talked about how society has always had unrealistic beauty standards and the impact on one’s mental health.

As Aisha would say “we wouldn’t be your sistas if we don’t hold our ears and ask you to flee from unregistered/ untrained nutritionists or self-proclaimed experts.” Bearing in mind the journey to staying healthy, and embarking on any diet will involve a medical professional’s opinion who takes into account your health history, and any underlying issues that might be hindering you from achieving your health goals.

Aisha & Ejiro acknowledge that they’re not experts but shared some myths about staying fit that have been debunked. They also shared other weight loss tips that could easily be overlooked like sleeping well, eating more whole foods, and even staying active. Have they decided to go Vegetarian/Vegan? Did Ejiro eventually get the flat tummy she deserves and did Aisha meet her weight loss goal? Find out in this humor packed episode by clicking on the link below, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

118 Weight Loss And Diet Memes That Will Burn Calories With Laughter

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O Canada!

On this episode, Aisha and Ejiro go into the details of things you should know after deciding to move to a new country (specifically Canada). No, this is not an episode for people who haven’t started the process but for people who already got their work permits, student visas or permanent residence and are awaiting the date when they arrive Canada. We figured there are a plethora of resources if you still are in the process of deciding if relocation is a good idea for you.

Remember the saying “Begin with the end in mind”? We started with understanding the WHY (why do you want to relocate?) because the WHY gets us through the tough days and ensures we stay on track. In this episode, we emphasized the importance of research and why the Google search engine should be your friend. Also covered were topics ranging from how to be wary of restrictive landlords when renting, to choosing a phone provider or bank.

This episode won’t be complete if we didn’t warn people to be wary of the sophistication of scam calls and how to avoid them.

Although this podcast episode focused on their experiences as people immigrating to Canada from a Nigerian background, Some of the tips are relevant for just about most people moving mountains and oceans to a new country with different rules. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode. Don’t forget to hit Follow or subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. Got questions, feedback, or ideas for topics you want us to cover? Send us an email to . Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @RogueUnlearning.

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Consent and Rape Culture -Season 1 Finale

Okay, welcome to our final episode of the season. We would be taking a 3 months break to enjoy what’s left of the summer sun, rest and come back refreshed and better with the sauce. Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging for that long, we would be working hard behind the scenes to make our podcasts more accessible, and other production improvements. If you aren’t following us on Twitter/Instagram @rogueunlearning now would be a good time to stay in touch.

We started up with a little bit of gossip. We know it always seems like we are serious, but we just had to talk about what was going on. From Ejiro/Aisha deciding to break the speakers with their music face-off with Sante Hallelujah to talking about HushPuppi apologists and how Nigerians all over the world are stigmatized based on fraud.

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EP2 – Unlearning Religion

On this edges snatching, tongue clicking (tsk tsk) episode Aisha and Ejiro walked a tight rope by addressing a sensitive topic ‘Religion’. They admit no theological expertise on the subject matter but felt the need to share their journies being raised Muslim and Catholic, and their research from reading literary texts.

It won’t be a good start if we weren’t clear on the definition of Religion. What it means to the general population and if religion can be all Good, or Religion being both bad and good.

They also dived into a conversation about spirituality, and how it relates to religion. Should there be a distinction between Spirituality and Religion? Can we be religious and/or spiritual at the same time? All these were answered.

Also discussed was the importance of discovering God/Higher power for yourself as a mature and thinking adult.

Fortunate memes. [Image] Retrieved from [Accessed 28 Apr. 2020]

Of course, this episode won’t be complete if we didn’t call out the Judges/Judginas who don’t appreciate the internal diversity in each religion, and fake religious leaders who take advantage of their congregation. Join us in this episode as we take you through our Unlearning Religion process, packed with humor, sarcasm, and hard truths.

Hello World !!!

Thank you for tuning in. We just launched our pilot episode… yay!!! Make sure to check us out everywhere you listen to podcasts.

Like we said on our pilot episode we would be covering a range of topics that speaks to everything that makes us human. Topics ranging from career, tech, finances, investments, mental health e.t.c *side eye* we would also be talking about relationships, love, travel, self care. The whole 9 yards. We’ve got so much we want to share and can’t wait to share them with you all

I guess you’re wondering why? why did these aunties only just decided to start their podcast. Short Answer: “Because We Can“. Long Answer: There are conversations that need to be had. It’s fun, playful and serious all at the same time. We want people to learn from us and with us.

The name (Rogue Unlearning) encompasses who we are, our love for learning, open mindedness, and the things we want to change about ourselves.

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