We think of ourselves as gals with a grey mindset. A mindset that goes contrary to almost everything we’ve been taught and how we were brought up. We don’t believe in black and white, we think everything that happens has a grey area. But again remember there are different shades of grey. We take you through our unlearning, and relearning process for a variety of topics touching on different aspects of our experience, the rookie mistakes, johnny just come attitudes, relationship, tech career, and yes our experience as Nigerian women who are also immigrants.

Your FAVORITE Rogues


Born and bred in the oil rich state of Delta and speaks 1.5 languages. Ejiro works as a Security Analyst. and spends the rest of her time consuming a lot of books.


Also known as Ajala traveler, born in Kano grew up in Lagos, who works as a Cloud Engineer. When She is not attempting to be a nerd, Aisha loves a good ol game of badminton, some Netflix and karaoke.

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