IT: The Basics ft. Gift Egwuenu

This is one of those episodes that you have to absolutely listen to. This episode is the 2nd episode in our Tech Series. If you missed the first episode The Origins, check out the episode and blogpost. Aisha and Ejiro were joined by Gift Egwuenu. as a guest on this episode of IT basics

They started the episode introducing and learning more about the guest host with all the sauce. Gift wears a lot of hats. As a front end engineer Gift is passionate about a more inclusive Tech Ecosystem especially in Nigeria. Whether it’s through her work with Vue Vixens or as a conference and meetup  organiser, amongst other things. When she is not fighting the good inclusivity fight, she blogs, vlogs and speaks at major technology conferences all over the world. You can learn more about the work she does on her YouTube Channel 

Now to the 2nd half of the episode the trio had a lot of fun and sometimes a failed attempt at breaking down IT concepts to a 5year old.

Is Hardware something you can see and touch, while software is what you can see but cannot touch? Could there be a more relatable and refined way to teach a 5yr old about parts of a computer, and how to program one. What is networking and how does the internet even work? Check out the full episode to find out how they explained some of the basic IT concepts that will set a precedence for future topics in the tech series.

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