Dating As An Adult

Social Media is agog with Black Love, Heartbreaks, and Open Relationships/Marriage. We promise this episode was a coincidence and wasn’t timed perfectly with the recent happenings. In this episode, Aisha & Ejiro talk about their experiences with dating and relationships as adults especially in this day and age of online dating a.k.a Tinder and Bumble.

Do you remember what it was like dating as a teenager vs dating as an adult?

Aisha & Ejiro delved into the days of MTN Xtra Cool (which was a free midnight mobile plan), which came in handy for broke teenagers trying to keep love alive while trying to survive on two-hour daily sleep time because school was still going to be there in the morning.

Ever wondered what the difference is between dating in Nigeria vs dating in Canada? Well, listen to get an insight.

Like they always say, men are scum everywhere, but is there truly a difference. 

What are some of the questions you ask on the first couple of dates to decide if there will be a next date or if it is someone you would like to go on to know more. For example are you Single or “Single Single”. Stick with us there is a difference. Sometimes, someone else could be in a relationship with your prospective boo and they might not be aware, other times it’s a lingering ex. No one wants to be a rebound right? That’s why it’s important to be clear on expectations from day one. Another honest question could be what are you looking for? (Casual, friends with benefits or maybe they are in an open relationship). Sis we don’t want you to be caught off guard.

How much of yourself do you know? Do you know what your primary love language is? Adult relationships are easier if both partners are aware of what their significant other love language is. There are 5 of them (Words of Affirmation. Physical touch, Receiving gifts, Acts of Service and Quality time). If you don’t know yet. Make sure to check out Gary Chapman’s book on The 5 love languages, and also take the test to find out here. Your gals never leave you hanging

Join Aisha and Ejiro in this fun packed episode about dating/ relationships the adult way where they touch on key issues surrounding dating and relationships as it relates to discovering yourself, seeking advice and if there is such a thing as “THE ONE

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