This episode marks the first in the ‘Tech For Everyone’ series. We would be covering different topics in this Tech series including digital security, Networking, software e.t.c

Join us in this hilarious episode as you listen to Ejiro and Aisha, share how they started out pursuing a career in Tech. The impact many African parents have in deciding a career for their kids and if frankly speaking is a good idea for parents to choose or impose their career options on their children.

This is a tell-all episode that discusses the many challenges most computer science/IT students face in Nigerian universities, from the economic living standards, to the attitude of lecturers in the classrooms. They also shared the difference in experiences schooling in a Nigerian university vs schooling abroad.

They stay reminding everyone that there exist a plethora of career options in Tech that isn’t only restricted to software development, and many people might explore a couple of career options before deciding on which path they have a passion for. Nevertheless one of the good things is that no knowledge is wasted.

It wouldn’t be complete if as your sistas they didn’t share tips/advice to anyone who is considering or starting out in Tech.
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