EP3- Weight Loss Chronicles

We all have a friend or family member who woke up one day and decided they are now a social media certified weight-loss expert and nutritionist. I know them, you have them on your timelines and we are all going crazy.

In this latest episode, Aisha and Ejiro talk about the chronicles of staying fit and healthy in this age of a myriad of information from different self-proclaimed experts. They start out sharing their weight loss goals and struggles and the things they have learned on their own individual journeys. Do you remember back in the day, when being big meant you were rich and doing well? now having an hourglass Kim K’s type of body is the new “beauty standard”. They also talked about how society has always had unrealistic beauty standards and the impact on one’s mental health.

As Aisha would say “we wouldn’t be your sistas if we don’t hold our ears and ask you to flee from unregistered/ untrained nutritionists or self-proclaimed experts.” Bearing in mind the journey to staying healthy, and embarking on any diet will involve a medical professional’s opinion who takes into account your health history, and any underlying issues that might be hindering you from achieving your health goals.

Aisha & Ejiro acknowledge that they’re not experts but shared some myths about staying fit that have been debunked. They also shared other weight loss tips that could easily be overlooked like sleeping well, eating more whole foods, and even staying active. Have they decided to go Vegetarian/Vegan? Did Ejiro eventually get the flat tummy she deserves and did Aisha meet her weight loss goal? Find out in this humor packed episode by clicking on the link below, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

118 Weight Loss And Diet Memes That Will Burn Calories With Laughter

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