EP2 – Unlearning Religion

On this edges snatching, tongue clicking (tsk tsk) episode Aisha and Ejiro walked a tight rope by addressing a sensitive topic ‘Religion’. They admit no theological expertise on the subject matter but felt the need to share their journies being raised Muslim and Catholic, and their research from reading literary texts.

It won’t be a good start if we weren’t clear on the definition of Religion. What it means to the general population and if religion can be all Good, or Religion being both bad and good.

They also dived into a conversation about spirituality, and how it relates to religion. Should there be a distinction between Spirituality and Religion? Can we be religious and/or spiritual at the same time? All these were answered.

Also discussed was the importance of discovering God/Higher power for yourself as a mature and thinking adult.

Fortunate memes. [Image] Retrieved from relatably.com [Accessed 28 Apr. 2020]

Of course, this episode won’t be complete if we didn’t call out the Judges/Judginas who don’t appreciate the internal diversity in each religion, and fake religious leaders who take advantage of their congregation. Join us in this episode as we take you through our Unlearning Religion process, packed with humor, sarcasm, and hard truths.

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