O Canada!

On this episode, Aisha and Ejiro go into the details of things you should know after deciding to move to a new country (specifically Canada). No, this is not an episode for people who haven’t started the process but for people who already got their work permits, student visas or permanent residence and are awaiting the date when they arrive Canada. We figured there are a plethora of resources if you still are in the process of deciding if relocation is a good idea for you.

Remember the saying “Begin with the end in mind”? We started with understanding the WHY (why do you want to relocate?) because the WHY gets us through the tough days and ensures we stay on track. In this episode, we emphasized the importance of research and why the Google search engine should be your friend. Also covered were topics ranging from how to be wary of restrictive landlords when renting, to choosing a phone provider or bank.

This episode won’t be complete if we didn’t warn people to be wary of the sophistication of scam calls and how to avoid them.

Although this podcast episode focused on their experiences as people immigrating to Canada from a Nigerian background, Some of the tips are relevant for just about most people moving mountains and oceans to a new country with different rules. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode. Don’t forget to hit Follow or subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. Got questions, feedback, or ideas for topics you want us to cover? Send us an email to contact@rogueunlearning.com . Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @RogueUnlearning.

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