Hello World !!!

Thank you for tuning in. We just launched our pilot episode… yay!!! Make sure to check us out everywhere you listen to podcasts.

Like we said on our pilot episode we would be covering a range of topics that speaks to everything that makes us human. Topics ranging from career, tech, finances, investments, mental health e.t.c *side eye* we would also be talking about relationships, love, travel, self care. The whole 9 yards. We’ve got so much we want to share and can’t wait to share them with you all

I guess you’re wondering why? why did these aunties only just decided to start their podcast. Short Answer: “Because We Can“. Long Answer: There are conversations that need to be had. It’s fun, playful and serious all at the same time. We want people to learn from us and with us.

The name (Rogue Unlearning) encompasses who we are, our love for learning, open mindedness, and the things we want to change about ourselves.

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